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Newfoundlands are equally at home in water or on land.

With webbed feet, water resistant double coat and love of water, many legends are told of Newfoundlands saving drowning victims. Their great strength and endurance, also allow hauling of heavy loads.

By participating in water rescue training, and hauling, Newfoundlands and their owners can enjoy and build on their natural instinct for water and draft work.

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WRD water test - Del Valle Park, CA   2002

The official NCA Water Test began in the early 1970's. The purpose of these tests are to demonstrate the water rescue abilities of Newfoundland dogs. The test is divided into two categories, Junior Division Water Dog Title (WD) and Senior Division Water Rescue Dog Title (WRD).In order to achieve a WD Title, the dog and handler must pass a series of tests, which include basic control, single retrieve, drop retrieve, take-a-line, tow a boat and swim with handler. After achieving a WD, the Newf and handler can then go on to the Senior Division to obtain a WRD Title. The tests in this division include retrieve off boat, take-a-line/tow-a-boat, take a lifering, directed retrieve, rescue and underwater retrieve.