Adding any pet to your family is a large commitment requiring careful consideration. We hope the information in this guide will give you some of the facts you need to decide if a Newfoundland is the right dog for you, and if so, how to go about finding one that will be a great addition to your family.  However, there is no substitute for getting “up close and personal.” Attend some dog shows or other events and meet as many Newfs and their owners as you can. You are likely to find many nice, experienced people who are happy to share their time and knowledge and answer your questions about their favorite breed. Consider whether or not a Newfoundland will really fit into your lifestyle, and whether you have the time, money and energy necessary.

Above all, please take your time.  Don’t talk to one breeder, see a litter of adorable puppies, and make a quick decision you may later regret. Talk to many different breeders and experienced Newf owners.  Understand that it may take several months, or even a year or two, to get a puppy from the breeder you choose. The waiting game may be frustrating when you really want that cute new puppy, but remember, that puppy is an important investment and will hopefully be with you for many years to come. Waiting for the right one will be worth it.  In the meantime, there are many ways in which you can learn about the breed and prepare for your new arrival. The Newfoundland Club of Northern California welcomes new members, and there is no requirement that you have a Newf to join. In fact, many new members join while waiting for their first puppy. Attending club meetings and events is a great way to learn about Newf-related “stuff” and to meet people who can offer help and advice once your new best friend arrives.


This guide is offered as an educational publication of the NCNC and may be distributed for educational purposes.    Puppy Byers Guide (pdf)