This questionnaire is a tool. Your responses help us to decide if we have a puppy for you, and if so, which puppy in the litter is best suited for your family. First and foremost, we want our puppies to be an integral part of the family, interacting with, and loved by all. If you are seeking a potential show or performance dog, and there are puppies with that potential in the litter, naturally we would want to place a puppy in such a home, but the puppy should definitely be a family member first and foremost. It is the rare litter in which all the puppies are show/performance prospects, but you should expect your puppy to look like and exhibit typical Newfoundland characteristics.

When evaluating a litter, we use the AKC standard and temperament test used by many evaluators. Puppies with slight imperfections (smaller in size, less massive, slightly off bite, kinked tail, slighter bone, less confident) would be considered pet quality, while still looking and acting like a Newfoundland.
Puppies should have their hearts listened to by a Board Certified Cardiologist at no less than nine weeks. You should never pay full price for a puppy with a significant defect or health problem.
If you have read and understand the FAQ’s, Health Issues, and Buyer’s Guide and you still want to be loved by a Capriccio Farm Newfoundland take the next step!

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