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We recommend the following books about Newfies for your information and enjoyment.  They are categorized by content.

Some of the cover photos have links to sites for purchasing. 

The books noted with double asterisks are Capriccio favorites

General Books


About Newfs & Living With Them
Health Books
Breeding / Genetics
Your Purebred Puppy, Your Candid Guide to Dogs and Dog Breeds

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General Books  (**Capriccio favorites)


The best guide to choosing dog breeds, evaluating dog breeders, and choosing puppies.

**Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyer's Guide, Second Edition by Michele Welton
Everything you need to know to buy a beautiful, good-tempered, healthy purebred dog who will be a joy to your family!  Invaluable information on choosing the right breed, choosing the right breeder and choosing the right puppy.  ISBN:  0805064451

Newfoundlands by Kitty Drury, Bill Linn, 1989

** The Newfoundland by Emmy Bruno
Comprehensive treatment of the breed, with a study of anatomy and history. Translated from Italian into two other languages, it has proven a "best-seller' in each language. The author, a veterinarian, addresses the importance of structure to the task the dog was bred for, introducing a novel way of looking at the axiom: "form follows function.  ISBN: 0944875475

** The Newfoundland: Companion Dog-Water Dog by Joan C. Bendure
Newfoundland fanciers and owners will appreciate this new guide, with its directory of regional clubs, profiles of famous Newfoundlands, and mention of children's books in which the breed appears. Bendure opens with a solid history of Newfoundlands, which were almost brought to extinction because of their role as mine detectors in the two world wars. An entire chapter discusses highly respected U.S. kennels. The explanation of the AKC breed standards and the information on Newfoundland characteristics, health, and grooming requirements will be important to the prospective owner. ISBN: 0876052421

The Newfoundland by Betty McDonnell and Jo Ann Reilly
It covers Newf history, character, puppy care, training, diet, grooming, and more. Newfs in competition, bloodlines, breeding and whelping are also generously covered. ISBN: 087714110X

The Newfoundland Handbook by Betty McDonnell,  ISBN: 0877141088

** This Is the Newfoundland by K. Drury and Maynard Drury   ISBN: 0876663404

Newfoundlands: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, Behavior, and Training 
(A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Joanna Kosloff,  ISBN: 0812094891

The New Complete Newfoundland by Margaret Booth Chern,  ISBN: 0876052170
bookpup.jpg (19725 bytes) ** The Newfoundland Puppy: Early Care, Early Training, 4th ed., 1998, Judi Adler
"It features over 100 photos and dozens of sketches, and has in-depth chapters on grooming, feeding, and veterinary care. It has common sense advice on how to choose a suitable puppy. Extensive chapters help the new owner be successful when training for water work, obedience, puppy kindergarten training, draft (carting) work, backpacking, conformation and tracking. Plus much, much more! An extensive source guide lists dozens and dozens of books, magazines, supplies, dog clubs, and miscellaneous products suited for this wonderful breed."
A Study of the Newfoundland, Ron Pemberton, 1998 

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bookww.jpg (18611 bytes) ** Water Work, Water Play: A Training Guide for Newfoundland Water Rescue Work 2nd ed., 1996, Judi Adler
"Water Work, Water Play is a detailed training manual for Newfoundland water rescue work, based on the water rescue exercises devised by the Newfoundland Club of America. The book clearly and completely describes how to train your Newfoundland for successful water competition, taking you step by step through the training process, and then further, through proofing for success. It also has extensive chapters on puppy training, introducing the dog to water, helping the reluctant swimmer, teaching your Newf basic obedience, and retrieving training."
booktrack.jpg (11617 bytes) The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland to Track, 1995, Judi Adler
"Full instructions are given for both TD and TDX level tracking. Over 250 clever illustrations make the text both entertaining and understandable. The Audible Nose helps you every step of the way with its easy to follow methods. Because no one method works for all dogs, many methods are presented, along with multiple ideas and solutions for every problem encountered during tracking training. Chapters include how to begin, intermediate tracking, article indication, adding distance, terrain changes and obstacles, aging, motivation, and much more. The checklist for "are you ready to enter a test" is invaluable!"
B_NewfoundlandDraftWork1g.gif (14218 bytes)
Newfoundland Draft Work: A Guide for Training, 2nd ed., Consie Powell
The bible on canine carting and hauling - great for all breeds! Consie is famous for her popular Siwash Carting Harness design and friendly advice!  She and her husband Roger have unselfishly contributed their expertise to educate enthusiasts from all breeds on safety, training, and equipment.  This book is an exhaustive education covering philosophy, conditioning structure, safety, equipment comparison charts, training, trail manners, team draft, parades, and NCA Draft Tests, with thorough appendices, source guide & illustrations.  (91 Pages, Spiral bound)

wpe1.gif (10389 bytes)

Taking Your Dog Backpacking, Alan Riley
For beginners to advanced hikers. Newf drawings.   Some photos. (76 Pages, Spiral bound)

Newfoundland: Successful Water Training, Elaine Lehr, 1987

Superdog: Raising the Perfect Canine Companion

Super Dog - Raising the Perfect Canine Companion,1996, Dr. Michael W. Fox, ISBN 0-87605-743-1
The more pet owners know about their dogs' natural drives and breed idiosyncrasies, the more effectively they can raise well-behaved "superdogs," says animal authority Fox. He discusses dogs' capabilities, explains various canine postures and sounds, and shows how to "decode" canine behavior. Every parent should read the chapter on children and dogs, since Fox notes that "most dogs are biologically unreliable," and often treat a child as if it were a puppy, which, especially in the case of babies, can be fatal.

What All Good Dogs Should Know - The Sensible Way To Train, 1991, Jack Volhard and Melissa Bartlett, ISBN 0-87605-832-2
In the ultimate guide for teaching your dog good manners, two award-winning authors take the reader through a short course in dog behavior, highlighted by original cartoon art. Humorous yet practical suggestions are presented for preventing bad habits, dealing with a dog's basic needs, growth stages and why things happen and when. What All Good Dogs Should Know abounds with practical information on a motivational, humane and highly effective approach to dog training. This book is essential for anyone who values a dog as a friend, pet and companion.

Dog Training For Dummies, 2001, Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard, ISBN 0-7645-5286-4
The quick, easy, and fun way to make training succeed for you and your dog. All dogs need training to live peaceably among humans. This book's clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to train your dog--from housetraining and socializing your puppy to teaching your adult dog fun new tricks. Discover how to: Teach your dog basic commands. Eliminate unwanted behaviors. Make training fun and effective. Choose the right training equipment. Live in harmony with your dog. The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English. "Get in, get out" information. Icons and other navigational aids. Tear-out cheat sheet. Informative lists. A dash of humor and fun.

Beyond Basic Dog Training, 1991, Diane L. Baughman, ISBN 0-87605-410-6
An innovative guide to obedience instruction that is truly unique among books on the subject. Beyond Basic Dog Training makes a vital difference for those who read and use it and for dogs taught by it. This book shows how dogs learn, what they do with what they learn, and how a stimulated canine mind, along with an untrampled canine ego, makes for a dog that is a constant joy to live and work with.

Clicker Training For Obedience, 1999, Morgan Spector, ISBN 0-9624017-8-1
shows you how and why to use clicker training, the technology of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement, to train you dog. Whether you're startingoff with a new puppy or headed for the Obedience ring, these step-by-step instructions will work for you. You'll learn how you can use positive reinforcers, instead of force and punishment, to build reliable performance at every level of training.

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About Newfs and Living With Them  (**Capriccio favorites)


 In the Company of Newfies:  A Shared Life by Rhoda Lerman
In this loving, sentimental reflection, author and dog breeder Lerman describes life with her dogs, the popular Newfoundland. Re-released in 2002 with new photos!!

Hugger to the Rescue by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz (Photographer)
Patent and Munoz pool their considerable talents to introduce the Black Paws Search, Rescue & Avalanche Dogs team of Bigfork, Montana. Patent describes the training and special equipment used by these Newfoundlands, whose keen sense of smell helps them locate peoplewhether they are buried under an avalanche, submerged in water, or simply lost in the woods.

Storm, Dog of Newfoundland by Anthony Fon Eisen, ISBN: 0969654413
A tale of young love along the coast of Newfoundland and down on the Labrador. A romance that was saved by a big, beautiful and intelligent Newfoundland Dog. (Out of print - Hard to find)
Great Balls of Fur: Life With Newfoundlands and Other Critters by Nita Jager, Claire Carr (Illustrator)
A series of Vignettes about newfs and their owners. 

Bad Dog by Ned Delaney, 1987, ISBN: 0688065953
An illustrated children's book about a very large brown dog [based on author's Newf] and the mischief he gets into while on a search for his owner. (Out of print - Hard to find)

Trail: The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Louis Charbonneau, 1989,  ISBN: 0385242115  
The Lewis and Clark expedition of discovery as seen through the eyes of the newf who accompanied them. (Out of print - Hard to find)

Gentle Giants: A Book of Newfoundlands by Bruce Weber, 1995, ISBN: 0821221663 
A coffee table picture type of book with an interesting collection of photographs. (Out of print - Hard to find - collectible)
Of Heritage and Heart by Claire Carr 
Claire Carr, longtime writer of Newfoundland topics and Newfie owner, has written a book based on the disappearance and eventual return of two of her dogs. The book is written largely from the point of view of the two dogs and their adventures in the wild.

Seasons of the Sea, 1990, Monique Corrivescu, ISBN 0-88899-086-3
Written by one of Canada's best loved writers for children this story is based on a true diary of the McQuire family's last year on their beloved island of Oderin in Placentia Bay Newfoundland. It is set in 1910 and the heroine, 10 year old Mary Lou, has a faithful Newfoundland dog called Pierrot.

Star in the Storm, 2000, Joan Hiatt Harbor, ISBN 0-689-82905-1
A Newfoundland dog becomes the focus of a rich man's plot to keep its owner in his employ. PW called the novel, set in 1912, "atmospheric and briskly paced." Ages 8-12.

The Captain's Dog - My Journey With the Lewis and Clark Tribe,1999, Roland Smith, ISBN 0-15-201989-8
Grade 5-8-This is the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition as witnessed by Seaman, the massive Newfoundland dog that accompanied the two captains. Faithful to their original diaries, the novel brings to life the day-to-day challenges faced by the team charged with the task of exploring the American West and searching for the legendary Northwest Passage.


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Health Books  (**Capriccio favorites)


**NCA Health and Longevity Committee's Health Notebook    
to order, write to : Rebecca Stanevich, RT 4 Box 238-AA, Grafton, WV 26354 

**OFA Certified Newfoundlands, edited by Judi Adler and Ellis Adler

The book comes to you on CD, ready for loading onto your computer.  The OFA Book is a priceless compendium, featuring every Newfoundland certified free of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. It includes all dogs from NF-1 (certified in 1967) to the current year's certifications. Biographical information is included for each dog: sex, color, AKC or CKC number, date of birth, sire, dam, breeder and owner, as well as the hip rating: excellent, good or fair. Up-do-date titles are also included. And updates (and all-new indexes) are available yearly, so the book never goes out of date.  To order, contact:  Judi Adler, 12320 SW Malloy Way, Sherwood OR 97140, Need more information? Call us at 503-682-0604,  or e-mail us at

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Breeding / Genetics


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Practical Genetics For Dog Breeders, 1992, Malcolm B. Willis, ISBN 0-87605-782-2
Written for hobby breeders by a geneticist. Includes chapters on Mendelian genetics, the pedigree, selecting dogs to breed, desirable and undesirable traits, and hip dysplasia. Includes eight pages of black and white photos and a glossary.

Future Breeding For Genetic Soundness, 1999, Patricia J. Wilkie, ISBN 1-888440-10-4
How dog breeds began; Continuity of life; Diversity of life; Creating genetic maps; Selecting the best genes; Glossary and suggested reading. Appendices include steps to take if you suspect an inherited disorder, and information on the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Lavishly illustrated in full color, this is an excellent genetics book for the beginning breeder, an invaluable resource for achieving success in your breeding program.

Born To Win, 2001, Patricia Craige Trotter, ISBN 0-944875-40-8
the definitive dog book that explores every facet of breeding and exhibiting top winning Pure Bred Dogs. This is an extraordinary book that defies categorization. It is unique in the depth that treats each topic and the insights gained from many years at the top of the Dog Game. Over 250 photos in color and black and white.

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The Whelping and Rearing of Puppies- A Complete and Practical Guide, 1984, Muriel P. Lee, ISBN 0-9612546-0-2
Impressive photos and very comprehensive whelping instructions. This book is exactly what it says it is - a guide to whelping and rearing. Lots of thorough explanations on the process of whelping (very helpful to a beginner) with language that is clear and on point. Covers all sorts of contingencies with sensible information.