Yes, be sure to sign up for and participate in obedience classes. Your Newf would benefit from puppy kindergarten, too. Don’t expect him (her?) to have an attention span for the adult classes much before 6 months old. Definitely train him, however, well before a year. You need to know how to communicate your wishes to him and he is a WORKING DOG & will come alive when he is in a position to please you by behaving.

It can be tough to get the highest marks in obedience trials, should you choose to go for the CD, CDX, etc., because the Newfies are not as ‘snappy’ on recall as the smaller dogs, but they do well and do really enjoy it.

Be sure to dabble in the other pursuits that Newfies are especially suited to & enjoy: Rig up a cart for him to pull the kids around in (be sure to have some rigid harnessing so that the cart can’t run up on his heels)– BIG hit with the kids. Have them rig up an Indian-style travois & ‘rescue’ their friends. Make him a back pack & include him on all your hikes (just don’t let him carry your sleeping bags, if you are hiking near water they WILL get wet.).

Water trials are great fun & show your Newf’s inherited lifeguard talents.